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Despite the credit crunch climate, female plasterer Becky Coates from Coates Plastering is finding that business is ticking along nicely as usual. In fact, Becky explains that the plastering trade is currently benefiting from homeowners decisions to ‘improve rather than move’ home.

Becky Coates from Coates Plastering

Becky Coates from Coates Plastering

Commencing trading as Coates Plastering in 2008, Becky is finding that the combination of homeowners investing in their existing properties, along with the unique selling point of her business; a female plastering service, has given her competitive edge over many more traditional plastering services.
“A female plasterer appeals to many couples, particularly where a female partner is based at home working or raising a young family. In these situations it can be far more reassuring to allow another female tradesperson into your home”.
Becky says that employing female plasterers can have huge benefits…
“A female plasterer will be polite, tidy and will clean up after herself. One of the things of which I am conscious is the fact that I appreciate a clean and tidy home. I have been in situations where tradespeople have undertaken a project in my home and it is often the clearing up afterwards which is unsatisfactory”.
Becky has found it challenging at times when undertaking commercial projects, as it is still a typically male-dominated industry. However, she has found that once construction workers observe the quality of her work, they are more than happy to give her credit, stating:
“In fact, a significant number of the projects I have undertaken have been referred my way by male builders I have worked with. It is a case of getting stuck in, giving as good as you get and showing others what you can do”.
Perhaps the part of the role Becky likes least is the fact that plasterers are known as ‘Spreaders’ in the trade!
“It is not perhaps the most complimentary name for a professionally skilled female plasterer, however, the enjoyment I feel from providing a quality service makes it all worth while!”
To find out more about female plasterers, Becky and her business, visit Coates Plastering.

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