Being a Fussy Foodie

The Food Diary

So looking back on the food diary this week it’s a bit of foodie feast this week. The real highlights for me being the truly Fussy Foodie friendly Thai night in and the baking success with the egg free muffins.

My food restrictions are:
Sugar Free & Yeast Free (due to candida diet), intolerant to: gluten, dairy, eggs, some oily fish and cashew nuts.

NB. Also as part of a healthy balanced diet and to avoid energy lows I am aiming to eat 5 times a day; three main meals and two proper snacks (all of which must contain some protein). Each main meal needs to be eaten slowly with a balance of 1/4 carbs, 1/4 protein and 1/2 vegetables.

So here goes the food diary:

Food diary day 1 – Wednesday, 8 July:
Breakfast Mixture of oats and puffed rice cereal with drop of pure mango and apple juice, spoon of  soya yoghurt. 1/2 a banana, a chopped strawberry and sprinkle of linseed.
Snack 3 oat cakes with sugar free peanut butter and a small apple
Lunch Food emergency: small tin of reduced sugar baked beans with 2 Corn Thins.
Snack 1/2 banana and 1 oatcake
Dinner Meal out: King Prawns in ginger, chili and lime with some rocket and a few chips. Few cheeky mouthfuls of steak. Then scoop of Vegan Coconut Ice Cream with cocoa sprinkle.
Other Gin and tonic diluted with non carbonated sparkling water 🙂 , pint of 100% mango and apple watered down with water (80% water).


Food diary day 2 – Thursday, 9 July:
Breakfast Mixture of oats and puffed rice cereal with drop of pure mango and apple juice, spoon of  soya yoghurt. Topped with  sprinkle of linseed and Pumpkin Seeds.
Lunch 2 Corn Thins with a mixed salad: prawns, grated carrot, cucumber, tomato and pumpkin seeds.
Snack An apple and small piece of flour less chocolate cake (recipe to be added)
Dinner Fillet of grilled trout, with french peas, small grilled tomato and a few slices of fried potato. Then small piece of flour less chocolate cake with a few raspberries, spoon of soya yoghurt and some pumpkin seeds.
Other Glass of Appletiser with sparkling water (80% water), mug of hot soya with agave squeeze and cocoa sprinkle.


Food diary day 3 – Friday, 10 July
Breakfast Cocoa porridge made with soya milk. Topped with sprinkle of linseed.
Snack Handful of mixed seeds. 1/2 pint of veggie juice: mint, carrot, radish, apple and cucumber.
Lunch Vegan Pancake – chickpea, prawn, grated carrot tomato and fresh herbs.
Snack Small piece of flour less chocolate cake and an apple.
Dinner Meal out: 2 Fresh Pork Scratchings. Sea Bass, braised fennel, few salad leaves, grated crispy potato topping. Then small piece of flour less chocolate cake, with spoon of soya yoghurt and a few raspberries.
Other 1 pint of 100% Apple juice watered down with sparkling water (50% water)


Food diary day 4 – Saturday, 11 June
Breakfast Mixture of Oats and puffed rice cereal with soya milk. Topped with sprinkle of linseed and pumpkin seeds.
Snack An apple, few seeds, 2 herb oatcakes.
Lunch M&S Salad Pack (no sauce): edamame beans, prawns and few rice noodles.
Snack Soya yoghurt with spoon of St Dalfours Fruit Spread (Pomegrante), few seeds, few brazil nuts and 1/2 a banana.
Dinner Thai night in: Thai Fish Cakes with sauces including Sweet Chili Sauce. Then thai green curry with lots of veggies and brown rice made with Thai paste.
Other Mug of hot vanilla rice milk and oatly. Feel Good Drink: Cranberry and Lime – with 50% non carbonated sparkling water. 2 glasses of gin with appetiser (20%) and sparkling water.


Food diary day 5 – Sunday, 12 July
Breakfast 3 small egg free pancakes – (Agave Nectar and lemon), (1/2 banana, dessicated coconut, soya yoghurt), few raspberries, (sprinkle of cocoa and dessicated coconut).
Snack 1/2 apple and a few mixed seeds.
Lunch Meal out: 1/2 jacket potato with roasted vegetables.
Snack 1 x Corn Thins with houmous, few garlic stuffed olives and 1/2 an apple.
Dinner 3 slices of parma ham with a mixed salad: lettuce, avocado, carrot, beetroot, peas, tomato and pine nuts. Handful of plain Kettle Chips, tbsp of houmous and a few olives. Then half an apple.
Other 1/2 pint of apple juice with sparkling water, mug of hot soya with cinnamon sprinkle.


Food diary day 6 – Monday, 13 June
Breakfast Mixture of Oats, peanuts, linseed, 1/2 a chopped apple mixed with drop of mango and apple juice (not from concentrate). Topped with spoon of soya yogurt.
Snack 1/2 an apple and 1 of my egg free muffins (fairy cake size).
Lunch 2 slices of parma ham, 1 tomato, few seeds and 2 oatcakes with Dairy Free Spread.
Snack Few brazil nuts, 1 of my egg free muffins topped with pomegranate fruit spread.
Dinner Gluten Free Pasta with sauce of peas, mango tout, tomato, fennel pine nuts and red pepper. Topped with experimental mixture of oat, Dairy Free Spread, pumpkin seeds, linseed and Dairy free parmesan cheese crust.


Food diary day 7 – Tuesday, 14 July
Breakfast Gluten Free Porridge made with soya milk and a drop of vanilla rice milk. Topped with dessicated coconut and linseed.
Snack 1 of my egg free muffins  topped with pomegranate fruit spread. 7 Walnuts.
Lunch 3 oat cakes with houmous. Tbsp of seeds, small tomato, 1/2 avocado and handle of plain Kettle Chips.
Snack 1/2 a banana and a strawberry Fruitus
Dinner Grilled salmon with vegetable mix: leek, courgette, tomato and thyme. Then 1 of my egg free muffins  topped with pomegranate fruit spread and 1/2 an apple.
Other Mug of hot vanilla rice and soya milk with a cocoa sprinkle.

NB. In my food diary I have not included all the water and mugs of Ginger tea I drink.

Apart from my small Baked Beans food emergency, few cheeky Gins and spoonfuls of fruit spread alls well with the food diary this week. I really enjoyed my baking challenges this week, hences lots of additions of flour less chocolate cake and egg free muffins – need to work on making smaller batches so they are less regular in the food diary.

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    July 21, 2009 at 7:26 am

    have you ever tried other nuts butters instead of peanut butter? like almond or cashews?? its delicious!! i am addicted to almond butter!!!!

  • Reply
    August 10, 2009 at 10:16 am

    Aurelie… tried almond before which was great – you have reminded me to get some more in stock, as they tend to contain much less salt that peanut butter and do taste great.

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