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Product review

Maca Powder – What is it?

Being a Fussy Foodie and living with Food Intolerances I check labels in anything new I buy, as I like to know and try to understand what I am eating.

In my last post on “No Added Sugar Free Hot Chocolate“, I mention Maca Powder. It’s a bit of a fashion food at the moment and is popping up all over the place so I thought I would find out a little more about it.

What is Maca?

Maca is a root vegetable native to the high Andes. The root is a storage organ for nutrients and when taken from the earth comes in a variety of colours.

It’s been used in Peru (aka Peruvian Ginseng) for endurance, energy and hormonal balance for over 2000 years.

Maca is a source of thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, calcium and iron which all contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism. It also contains zinc which contributes to normal fertility and reproduction, as well as normal levels of testosterone in the blood. Riboflavin and zinc additionally supports the regulation of hormonal activity and help to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Sources: Naturya

Essentially you could see it as a caffeine-free energiser.

Add Maca Powder to smoothies, milkshakes, warm drinks, energy bars, biscuits, brownies and more.

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No Added Sugar Hot Chocolate

There is one thing I just can’t live without, sounds dramatic but its my equivalent of coffee. I try to make my hot chocolate as good for me as possible; dairy and sugar free.

For along time my hot chocolate of choice has simply been hot cocoa, however on a trip to Whole Foods (dream store) in London I discovered something new.

It’s pricey but just a couple of teaspoons and you’ve got a tasty and filling treat. Thinking about it I’m salivating.


Hot Chocolate Maca Ingredients:

  • Cacao Powder
  • Banana
  • Lucuma Fruit Powder
  • Maca Powder

Maca, what’s that?

How I like my no added sugar hot chocolate?

Over the years I’ve tried lots of dairy free milks including making my own nut milk (delicious but time consuming). My go to dairy free milk is oatly. No nasties and I love the texture and it taste’s great, especially for hot drinks.

NO Added Sugar Hot Cacao

Heat a mug of oatly in a pan with two teaspoons of the cacao powder per mug. Heat until a rolling boil, it can get quiet frothy so watch for it over flowing. Once heated and frothy take off the heat and whisk a little. At the moment I like mine with a spoon of almond butter in or if you like it a little sweeter tasting pop a date in the mixture and it will liven things up a little.

So, how do you like yours…?

Product review

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