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Being a Fussy Foodie

Being a Fussy Foodie


It’s a week into getting back on track (no dairy, no sugar and as little wheat as possible) and #sugarfreefebruary is going well. Feeling better already with just the changes I have made so far. Overall I feel less sluggish and find I have more energy in the afternoons.

I’ve found it easier than I thought as I was sugar free (I do have fruit) for so long before, I had just broken the habit and I do like a challenge.

There have been a couple of slips … Anyone going sugar free will know eating out can be a challenge. We ate out a few times at the weekend and I ordered pork, as this was the only dairy free option and I didn’t even think about the sugar in the sticky sauce that was with it until half way through eating it ooops.

Sugar free = no refined sugars, no honey, no sweetener’s, no maple syrup.

Day One:

So day one started well, but I did have a pitta bread with my snack and breadcrumbs on my fish, but overall I was happy as I am so hungry with breast feeding I wasn’t sure I would cope going cold turkey with no sugar. Highlight was my afternoon smoothie with banana, chia seeds and almond butter.

Day Two:


Sorry for the half eaten food shots, but the need to eat kicks in sometimes before I take the photo. Today was a better day, just some wheat at dinner time with my falafel.

Top tip (note to self): Don’t have in the house what you don’t want to eat!

Day Three:


Banana pancakes for breakfast, soooo good and dairy, gluten and sugar free so perfect for me and also my little girl. For dinner I finally tried out my spiraliser and added some sprialised courgette to my salmon broth.

Day Four:


Starting to get back into the swing of things, and its all about managing my snacks. If you have good food available you don’t even think about the food that you don’t want to eat. My bestie and I found a cafe that does sugar free almond milk so we managed to have a hot drink out and about which is a rare treat. Loving porridge at the moment and even better with a slice of avocado and some crunchy toppings.

Day Five:


Worked at my mums today with Emily, she always has lots of dark chocolate so its so tempting, but I managed to get through the day without raiding her fridge, felt like a small win for the week.

Day Six:


So day six was Saturday and we were out and about on a family day in the Cotswolds and the our first ever date night since having Emily. A cheeky gin with sparkling apple juice and various tapas for our evening meal.

Day Seven:


Day seven was a highlight. My bestie cooked us a three course meal all Fussy Foodie friendly from Hemsely and Hemsely cook book…so good. The sticky toffee pudding for dessert was amazing and even suitable for Emily too… have been dreaming about it!

Wheat seems to be a bigger challenge than sugar for my first week, so I need to get better next week as it makes me feel sluggish and itchy too.

So week one back on the Fussy Foodie mission has been fun and it’s great to be back. Anyone trying to be sugar free or suffering from food intolerances who has tips for staying on track or any questions please get in touch.

Being a Fussy Foodie/ No added sugar

Fussy Foodie it’s Been Too Long

In 2008 I set up Fussy Foodie, a space where I could share my foodie journey and life living with food intolerances, in a quest to feel as good as I could.

Since then the world has changed… Quinoa is no longer a food only Gillian McKeith knew (where’s she nowadays?), dairy free is now included on many menus, people used to think I was mad being sugar free but now it’s the in thing, paleo restaurants are popping up, Instagram is the in thing and Facebook is almost dated! I remember the days of struggling to find dairy free milk and now I have a choice even in my local convenience store, although Oatly remains my staple.


It’s now a much better place in the U.K. for those living with food intolerances or just generally wanting to eat healthier.

So where have I been? Well, life took over a little and I was on an unexpectedly and slightly rough ride to start a family. She was almost five years in the making but June last year little Miss Emily entered the world.

I feel so blessed to finally be a parent, if not insanely tired and my foodie focus slipped slightly but I’m now back on it; attempting to live sugar free, dairy free and as wheat free as possible. It helps that Miss Emily loves food and is also sugar and salt free, so I have a new foodie focus.

Over the years many readers have asked questions about children with food intolerances and what to feed them. I now feel better placed to give ideas in this area. So I will follow with some ideas on this.

I’ve been so lucky with Miss Emily and her food requirements, I fully breastfed her until 6 months and then tiptoed into the world of baby led weaning – it’s been crazy messy but so much fun and Emily’s a joy to cook and eat with. So sorry in advance but some BLW spam will hit Fussy Foodie and lots more posts on recipes, products and more.


My bestie (it’s good to share) and I are on a mission for #sugarfreefebruary to kick start us back on course so watch this space for news on our foodie adventures.

Sugar Free

It’s good to be back!

Miranda x

Being a Fussy Foodie

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Being a Fussy Foodie

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Being a Fussy Foodie/ Dairy Free


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Being a Fussy Foodie

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Being a Fussy Foodie/ Low GI

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