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I dream of blogging I have ideas for what I want to write and often blog in my sleep (strange as it sounds), then I wake up and the thoughts are gone. Sleep deprivation does strange things to you!

On the 12th March it will be Pippa’s second birthday (our youngest) – she’s a whirlwind of adventure, lover of life, funny, thoughtful, fierce and very clever. She also is a terrible sleeper. So almost two years into a life of disrupted sleep its taken its toll on our family. The last few weeks have been especially hard due to teething and Pippas eczema going through a long healing crisis, sleep has been almost non existent. Last week I had a fall carrying Pippa – she hurst her head and I hurt my pride and my body. It gave me a bit of a reality check I need to change things.

So I booked a massage to try and heal my aching body it was a nice treatment but at the end the lady said I had chronic back and shoulder problems I needed to sort out and take seriously. It was hard to hear and another push that I need to make changes. I had a goal in 2019 for more self care and now I need to really put this into action.

I miss writing, running, time with Phil (my lifey) and of course I miss sleep. I also miss “me”. Somewhere along the road I have lost myself and I need to get me back. So this year I am making big changes to my work, my blogging, my mind and body. I am excited, nervous but also I want a change – it’s time for something new. But first I need to rebalance my life. #selfcare2019

NB For anyone that followed “Fussyfoodie”… I have moved to a new blog “So Much to Say…” so that I can blog about more than just food all in one place.