Are you recently diagnosed with food intolerances? Have food allergies? Or perhaps looking exclude wheat and dairy from your diet. Whatever your fussy foodie needs we can help, with articles such as oatly, dairy free spread to whole grain & gluten free. We also have lots of nutrition advice to help ensure a healthy and happy approach to eating whilst living with food intolerances.

Living with multiple food intolerances and sticking to an exclusion diet can be tricky at times but the results can also be really rewarding if your body becomes rebalanced and happy about the food you are consuming.

Here are some quick links to start you off:

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Being a fussy foodie is not as daunting as it first seems, particularly now with fantastic health food shops and supermarkets catering more and more for food intolerances. Finding foods that suit your body, then cooking them in recipes that taste great is really satisfying.

I have been a Fussy Foodie since 2007. After pushing my body and my mind too hard my body kind of gave in and I had to sort my life out – which involved a strict anti candida diet including a year of no sugar (inc alcohol and fruit), no dairy, no wheat and a lot of supplements.

Being a Fussy Foodie has been a massive journey of highs and lows but I now have a new out look on food and above all that I feel healthy (most of the time).

One of the biggest struggles when you first adapt to a “FREE From diet” is knowing what you can and can’t eat and for me this is where my journey to create the Fussy Foodie started. So many people share food intolerances and allergies or just simply want a FREE from lifestyle from additives, sugars and other nasties all added to many pre-packaged foods.

Miranda de Freston

Living without certain foods can be daunting but with the right approach, planning and a litle help from your Fussy Foodie friends cooking, eating and buying food really can be fun again.

Get in touch and we can give you lots of top tips on alternative products, recipes and support based on your specific requirements.

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