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My Food Test Results

BREAKING FUSSY FOODIE NEWS!!!  After deciding to identify the exact cause for my unsettled digestion by taking a food intolerance test I have now received the full results of my YORKTEST Foodscan 113 Test, with some very interesting conclusions.

YORKTEST Foodscan 113 tests your blood sample against 113 different foods to identify the foods causing a rise in IgG antibodies in your body, and hence the foods you are intolerant to.  The strength of the reaction is graded from 0 to 4, with 4 being the highest.

Yorktest Foodscan 113 Test Results

Yorktest Foodscan 113 Test Results

My food test results are as follows:


  • Yeast = 4/4
  • Brazil Nuts = 2/4
  • Cows Milk = 2/4
  • Cashew Nuts = 1/4
  • Egg White = 1/4
  • Lentils = 1/4
  • Soya Bean = 1/4
  • Kiwi = 0.75/4
  • Sunflower Seeds = 0.75/4

In comparison to Caralyn’s food test results (fellow fussy foodie who introduced us to the test), her results show an intolerance to dairy & yeast with a reaction level of 1/4 for both, so the variety of foods I react to definitely came as a surprise to all of us, as well as the severity of the top 3, there were a few expected results (cow’s milk and yeast – although the severity yeast shocked me) and definitely a few surprises.

Being a huge fan of soya milk (as shown in my recent blog – Milk – LactoFree v Soya) soya bean came as a bit of a blow as it has been a staple part of my diet for the past 8 years. There are alternatives out there though and so I have turned to rice milk and oat milk for the past 7 days and needless to say I feel a hundred times better and my tummy is a lot more settled, which is such a relief and proves the results ring true.

The rest of the results were definitely a surprise and some foods I am really going to miss including sunflower seeds, lentils, poached eggs and kiwi. However, for the sake of feeling good I am going to cut out all the foods I have reacted to for a couple of months, see how I feel and then make a decision regarding whether to re-introduce them. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, these results have opened my eyes even more to what I’m eating and how my body reacts. It has highlighted foods which I thought were causing a problem (e.g. wheat, banana, potato) as being okay and vice versa with kiwi, cashew & brazil nuts and eggs. The next step is to now look into all the foods I can eat and develop new fussy foodie recipes to suit my new regime. With the new knowledge from my food test results I’m excited to get stuck in!

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    February 23, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    Hi Claire, good to hear you are feeling the difference on your new
    plan. If it’s just the egg white that is a problem perhaps you could
    poach or boil the egg and just eat the yummy runny middle!!

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    March 30, 2013 at 1:35 am

    Hi Claire, its nice to finally find a set of recipes that deals with multiple food intolerances! I’m getting ready to start an elimination diet–which after reading quite a few books I thought was my only option–but this post surprised me! Were you tested for allergies or intolerance? I will be checking this out!

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