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If you are looking for tradesmen, are a tradesman, want to become a tradesman or simply want some advice on what tradesmen do, then you have come to the right place.
Basically we are all about tradesmen!

One of Jugglefrogs listed tradesmen at work

One of Jugglefrogs listed tradesmen at work

We originally set up JuggleFrogs to help homeowners just like you or me find tradesmen and now we have a whole range of services for both homeowners and tradesmen.

Finding tradesmen

We make finding tradesmen easy – and it’s all FREE:

  • Local postcode search – search for tradesmen
  • Ability to filter your search for the specific skill you need
  • Guidance on hiring tradesmen and how to find them

Work for tradesmen

You can join JuggleFrogs and start winning more local work – let us help you grow your business:

  • Free tradesmen listing service – Free tradesmen listing
  • Your Space – priority tradesmen listing – a whole web page and web link to sell your services
  • Websites for tradesmen – join the hundreds of other tradesmen who now have the latest tool for trades and are actively selling their services online
  • Tradesmen articles, news and advice for running a successful business – tradesmen blog

Joining other tradesmen – getting a career in trades?

Then we have lots of advice on becoming one of the many tradesmen in the UK:

  • Training Course Search facility – due to go live in a few weeks
  • Advice on becoming tradesmen – plumbers, electricians, builders…
  • Help getting you started with our Free tradesmen listing
  • Services to help tradesmen win work – your own website and even design of your logo!

So as you can see JuggleFrogs is ALL about Tradesmen!

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