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Gut test

As well as an intolerance test I also ordered a gut test with YORKTEST. After fellow fussy foodie, Caralyn, tried it out with interesting results. Suffering from Candida for over 2 years now I decided that I need some more help in pin pointing my problems and getting things sorted. So time for a gut test.

The gut test

The gut test

The gut test is done via a stool sample, not something I had really been concerned about until the gut test arrived. 

Gut test steps

Gut test steps

There I realised what was involved in taking the stool sample the gut test needs. The gut test kit comes with easy instructions and everything needed to make this as clincial as possible. So 5 mins later everything is back in the envelope ready to post.

Facts about the gut test

The gut health test tests for different bacteria strains looking at both good and harmful bacteria. Looking for yeast and moulds, undigested carbohydrates, fats, proteins and physical factors.

Once the test is completed YORKTEST delivers:

  • Laboratory results presented as a detailed chart that can be handed to your GP or Healthcare Practitioner.
  • Your unique ‘Gut Health Index’ score that shows you how far you can still go in optimising your gut health, and help you monitor improvements
  • A personalised plan based on the results of the test, compiled by a physician, with in-depth advice on diet and lifestyle changes that are specific to your particular Gut Health Index profile
  • A Gut Health Guide brochure which includes general advice and support information
    A free telephone consultation with a qualified Nutritionist registered with the British Association of Nutritional Therapists

I will update when the gut test comes back. I am excited to see the results!

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