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According to a recent survey homeowners are far more likely to hire tradesmen from a recommendation. More than 85% of people have an internet connection, so the internet is fast becoming the first place people look for everything they need including tradesmen reviews.
By listing on JuggleFrogs you have taken the first step – you’re now online! Now make sure you secure the business by getting previous customers to review you. Statistically you are more likely to attract customers with a number of tradesmen reviews against your listing.
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Why do I need customer reviews?

After years of horror stories; either first hand, from neighbours or from TV shows, it’s not surprising that people are scared of hiring tradespeople. Homeowners are also often unaware of the costs, skills or work required for jobs they might need doing. This causes problems for both parties.
There are two ways JuggleFrogs helps:
Firstly we make it easier for homeowners to find the right tradesmen. When registering on JuggleFrogs you list your specilaist skills e.g underfloor heating and then homeowners can filter for the skills they need so you don’t get bombarded with calls for work you don’t want.
Secondly we have a tradesman review service for all tradesmen (like eBAY or Trip Advisor), so customers can come back and place tradesmen reviews.

Top tips for collecting tradesmen reviews

  • Tell people about JuggleFrogs – when you finish a job get people to review you. When they visit  they can find you by searching for your post code, or if you have a “Your Space” account you can give then a direct link to your details.
  • Contact previous customers – send an email or letter to any previous customers or just drop them a call and get them to add tradesmen reviews for you. If you would like us to do this for you just send us a list and we will sort it – nice and easy!
  • Upload letters of recommendation – if you have previous letters of recommendation send us a copy. You can scan it and then email / post it to us, then we will upload it onto the site.

Want an even higher hit rate, then get a website. Tradesmen websites are a great way to promote your business and win new work. Follow link for more info: Tradesmen websites.
Tradesmen reviews will really help you to get your reputation noticed so spread the word about JuggleFrogs to your customers and win more work!

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