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Nori Wraps

Sometimes it might be hard to think of new ideas for your lunch break especially if you have got a diet that means you have to avoid certain food. So why not try an idea from Japan and make yourself some Nori wraps that taste great and can be filled with many different ingredients to suite your needs and taste.

So what are Nori Wraps?

Sushi Nori or Nori wraps are made purely of dried seaweed they are fine sheets that are used to wrap the ingredients for sushi rolls. I managed to get hold of some Sushi Nori made by Yutaka from the special foods section in Tesco but you can also get these in any Asian food store.

Nori Wraps

Nori Wraps

Making Nori Wraps

To make the basics of a Nori wraps you will need a packet of Sushi Nori and a bag of Japanese short grained rice also known as Japonica rice (don’t use American rice as this doesn’t have the same sticky consistency needed) again you can get the rice from any Asian food shop and you may also be able to get it from a supemarket. The standard way of making the sushi rice is with rice vinegar but this is optional as I wouldn’t recomend putting this in for anyone who can’t have yeast as it is fermented.

To complete your wrap now comes the exciting part you need to choose you filling!!! Some ideas include ham, roast chicken, roast beef, salami, crab, crab sticks, prawns, tuna, Smoked salmon, avocado, green or red pepper, cucumber, carrot, asparagus, cheese but there is no reason why you couldn’t put other stuff in.

My Nori Wraps

My Nori Wraps

To make your wrap simply boil some rice and add a tiny bit of rice vinegar, if desired, then lay out your seaweed sheet and spread a layer of rice over the top leaving one end of seaweed uncovered by about 1cm, place your chosen filling in a line down the rice a little off centre and simply roll the wrap towards your line of filling and the end of the wrap you left uncovered by the rice when you come to the end then moisten the seaweed you left uncovered and stick you wrap together, cut you wrap into 6 pieces and voila you have a new interesting lunch box filler.

Don’t forget that as Nori Wraps are simply seaweed they are packed with great nutrients so enjoy and be healthy you can’t go wrong!!

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