Microsoft Case Study

We got the thumbs up today that Microsoft would like to do a Microsoft case study on us! We were thrilled to be asked given the profile of this fabulous company.

Microsoft case study

We were interviewed by Matthew Stibbe, Microsoft representative and he then produced our Microsoft Case Study:
“JuggleFrogs (www.JuggleFrogs.co.uk) is one of those ideas that makes you slap your head and ask ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ It is a website that helps people find reputable tradespeople – plumbers, electricians, gardeners etc. – and read reviews of their work from their other customers. It also includes a huge library of inspirational design ideas. JuggleFrogs means that people find better help, rogue traders are shunned and decent tradespeople find a new way to reach customers.

Making sense of large amounts of data

“Miranda de Freston started the Coventry-based business in January 2007. With a colleague, she developed a sophisticated content management system to run the website and manage all the different recommendations, pages for tradespeople and other content. This runs on a special computer using Microsoft SQL Server 2005. However, she uses Microsoft Office Access 2007, a database program, to manage the site.
“Access 2007 lets her add new content, check website statistics, check out reviews and other maintenance tasks using a very friendly, familiar user interface. “I love the tabs,” she says. Tabs let her open different database forms and tables at the same time – just as you would open different spreadsheets in Excel tabs or different web pages in tabs using Microsoft Internet Explorer. “In fact, Access 2007 is easier to use all round,” says Miranda, “It’s a really important part of our business and it lets several of us work on the same data at the same time.”
“When it comes to analysing data, Miranda prefers to work in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 because it can create charts quickly and easily. It also lets her use the powerful PivotTables tool to analyse data in different ways. She also uses Excel 2007 for basic bookkeeping.

Creating professional-looking documents

“Microsoft Office Word 2007 is also a critical business tool. Miranda used it to create her business plan. Although she is highly proficient with technology, the new Ribbon user interface makes it easier for her to do more things with her documents. For example, she says that using headings and creating a table of contents is far easier now. The new templates in Word 2007 help her produce documents that look “really professional.” At the same time, working with Windows Vista lets her find documents fast by using desktop search instead of manually working through a hierarchy of folders to find the file she wanted.

Getting more done, faster

“The consistent ribbon interface across the 2007 versions of Word, Excel and Access make them all easier to use, even for a power user. The new interface gives access to functions that were previously hidden in menus (or which were not available at all) and it makes it much easier to see the consequences of any changes you make, before you make them.
JuggleFrogs uses Microsoft Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system daily and they are an integral part of her business. Because they are familiar, easy to use and flexible, she can get more done more quickly. This frees up time to spend on growing the business. With Microsoft in her corner, she is turning a bright idea and a smart website into a successful, award-winning business.”
If you would like more information on how JuggleFrogs uses Microsoft to help run our business or if you want to talk about our Microsoft Case Study, please get in touch.

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