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UK Gas Engineer

UK gas enginneers have and always will be in great demand, highly skilled and trained they offer a number of services to homeowners. Being a gas enginneer is often confused with being a plumber, yet the two can be very different. So what is the difference and how do you know if you need to hire a gas engineer.

The Gas Safe Register is the new registration body appointed by the Health and Safety Executive to manage the gas safety register, find out more: Gas Safe Register.

In the UK gas engineers have to be registered with the Gas Safe Register (was CORGI). Only those gas engineers registered with the scheme are legally OK to work with gas.  For example any works to a boiler requires a gas enginner whereas fitting a new bathroom, unless installing of making changes to a boiler do not.
What are the typically jobs of a gas engineer?

  • Installing new heating system
  • Installing a boiler
  • Boiler servicing
  • Full bathroom install

If you want to find a UK Gas Engineer our local plumbers search will help you find one registered with the Gas Safe Register and also detail the kind of jobs they do.

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