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Period Home Renovation

Period home renovation can be really rewarding, there are lots of points to consider when renovating and decorating a period home.

Is the home listed?

When working on a period home you need to consider if the property is listed as the original features such as windows, fireplaces and wall paintings may be protected and alterations that require layout changes may need listed building consent. So step one, check the requirements of any property that is listed with the local conservation officer.

Sorting uneven walls

Lots of period properties have uneven walls and floors. And it’s not unusual for developer to peel back old wallpaper and all the plaster comes with it. When restoring any damaged plaster get a specialist plasterer who will use traditional products which are suitable for period buildings and helps avoid damp problems

Restoring floors

Period homes with stone and brick tile floors are features that now need to be treasure, and if you are lucky to have lifted an old carpet to reveal some traditional flooring, then get stuck on to some restoration. Check out property forums for advice and salvage yards for materials.

Period windows

In one period building alone you may need to deal with dormer windows, round windows, sash casement and high set long narrow windows. Before ripping out any windows check any building regulations requirements and get quotes from multiple suppliers. If you are thinking of fitting UPVC replacement windows – wooden windows are not as expensive as you might think, so get some quotes.

Many features in a period home are charming but it might be that some don’t suit modern living; an intrusive pillar, staircases you may need to reposition etc. I remember the classic on a property ladder episode where they needed to move an old Baker’s oven, but they were refused permission to move it so ended up using it as a small storage cupboard.
So when working on your period home renovation if you need to move things on a listed building ensure you check with your local conservation officer and also contact a specialist architect as they may be able to help with suggestions to make things happen.

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    Shropshire Architect
    June 10, 2009 at 10:49 am

    Period home refurbishment is exciting and challenging. However, it is important to stress the issue of listed buildings and conservation areas, when dealing with period properties.
    For a full explanation of what should be considered for planning permission try the following link:
    A lot of people do not realise that applications for listed building consent can include internal work too and how far reaching some aspects can be.

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