War Against Eczema

My names Miranda; I live and work in Warwickshire. I am a mummy to two little girls; Emily almost 4 and Pippa newly 1. I run my own businsess fromhome  where I design and build websites and systems. I also love to write and cook.

I have started this blog to record my journey with our youngest daughter in the battle to heal her eczema. It’s been a sleep deprived year and the mission is still in progess, but as the journey continues I get more answers  why eczema exists and how to heal it . Alongside healing little Pip I really want to help others. I know that I can help to heal Pip and I hope that one day I can help spread the word and help heal others.

I have experienced such poor and dated advice from the NHS and I hope in my lifetime that this will change and people will open their eyes to steroid overuse and take a more holistic and proactive approach to healing eczema.

The war against eczema is on!

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