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Victorian House Renovation

This is my home and the Victorian house renovation project my boyfriend Phil and I have taken on. This is where the initial inspiration for JuggleFrogs came. We are living in the property and currently tackling one of the floors, including two bedrooms, changing a bedroom into a new bathroom, re-wiring everything, fitting a completely new plumbing system and fixing some pretty big structural problems – needless to say it’s a big job and it will take us years to complete on a part time basis.

Exterior Victorian house renovation

Exterior Victorian house renovation

Pretty much everything needs to be ripped out of the Victorian house. We used to say the door bell was the only thing that worked, but now even that’s gone as I cut through the cable when hacking the plaster off the hallway wall (oops). Let’s just say I am the unskilled labourer and interior designer on this project so we will see how this Victorian house renovation all turns out. 

Installing new ceilings Victorian house renovation

Installing new ceilings Victorian house renovation

We plan to do most of the renovation work on our Victorian house ourselves, partly for financial reasons and also because we actually relish the challenge – it’s great to have a big project to do together.
The inspiration for JuggleFrogs came whilst we were trying to find a plasterer for our Victorian house renovation – it amazed me how hard it was to find assistance and how little resource there was online, Yellow Pages still seemed to be the only option.
So a huge amount of research later, lots of coding and the recruitment of two people as up for a challenge as me, (meet the JuggleFrogs team here) JuggleFrogs was born.
JuggleFrogs works in a unique way, saving time and effort for both homeowners and tradespeople.


  • You can search for local tradespeople by entering your postcode
  • You have access to all the contact details of tradespeople
  • You can use the search filter to find people who do specific jobs

  • Tradespeople know they are listed so their details are correct
  • They are all open to being reviewed by their customers
  • They are all actively looking for work
  • They have all specified exactly which jobs they are happy to do

If you are carrying out your own Victorian House Renovation and want to share your story then please get in touch.

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  • Reply
    Richard Sweeney
    February 26, 2007 at 12:02 pm

    I’m a blog virgin, but here goes…….. Good luck on the site, great idea. You seem to have your work cut out, I hope you have good neighbours.

  • Reply
    Miranda de Freston
    February 26, 2007 at 6:06 pm

    We are very lucky! We have amazing neighbours they are supportive and understanding.

  • Reply
    June 16, 2009 at 9:53 am

    Truly inspiring and very helpful. I’m just starting out on something similar in Somerset.

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