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We are proud to say JuggleFrogs have made their first TV appearance! On Thurs 8th Nov 2007 we appeared on BBC2’s Working Lunch with Rob Pittam and what an impact it has had already!
We have been inundated with so many lovely e-mails from well-wishers who watched the BBC2 Working Lunch program and think that JuggleFrogs is a great idea – thank you so much for your kind words! See below for a few of them.
A huge number of tradespeople have signed up since watching our Working Lunch interview with Rob Pittam and we have had an unprecedented number of hits to the site. It’s fantastic news for the concept that so many of them are looking for help from the JuggleFrogs team and we can’t wait to deliver – if you saw Working Lunch and are expecting contact from us we promise to be in touch soon!

We meet Rob Pittam on BBC2's Working Lunch

We meet Rob Pittam on BBC2's Working Lunch

We had a great time filming for Working Lunch and meeting Rob Pittam at our offices. He understood exactly what we are trying to accomplish and helped us to get our points across, despite much laughter and being a little camera shy!
Thanks again for all your support – we have picked a few exerts from your e-mails to show you:

“Saw U on Working lunch. Brilliant idea.”

“I was fortunate enough to see your company on Working Lunch today and think it is such a great idea – well done. For ages I have been saying that programmes like ‘Rogue Traders’ are a waste of time and that there is no point telling me who the bad tradesmen are !!!! Tell me who the good ones are ! That way I can be sure that it would be less likely that I would get stung. About time someone has a bit of common-sense ;). Good luck to you. Kind regards”
“Great Idea saw you both on Working Lunch, put my details with you wish you both the best of luck.”

See the show for yourselves on BBC2’s Working Lunch:
click here – to use real player or click here – to use Windows Media Player
JuggleFrogs had a great day filming with Rob Pittam for BBC2’s Working Lunch – hopefully it will be the first of many more TV appearances in future!

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