Building on a budget in Zambia

Times are tough in the UK at the moment with the credit crunch now hitting construction and building companies. People are being booted from their homes and stock markets crashing. However a very special lady friend of mine is taking steps to make a difference to people in Zambia whose struggle just to find clean water is on a daily basis. Jane Kaye-Bailey is working with people to develop a community in Mukuni Village, Zambia.

This charity is very dear to me for many reasons. I love how Jane runs it with every penny donated going straight to the cause and she is really building a sustainable future for the people in rural villages in Zambia, working with the people on the ground so they can manage and maintain projects to take their own communities forward.
One of the big projects on top of education, health and water is housing and the construction of school buildings. The work she is doing is truly inspiring and it gives you a real sense of perspective when you see that people are still living in such awful conditions in the 21st century.
The image many people have of an African village is of a few huts, but Mukuni Village, near Victoria Falls, is really a small town of 8,000 people with more than 36,000 living in the surrounding chiefdom. In the town, 16 per cent of people are HIV positive and malaria is prevalent. Some 450 of the school’s 1,000 pupils are HIV orphans, and many have lost several foster parents as well as their own families.
Jane has many stories to tell of hardship and poverty, but her outlook is positive. She speaks fondly of the people she meets, the culture, the smiles that people share and the community’s dedication to developing and improving their situation.
The good news is that we can make a difference. A relatively small amount of money goes a long way. The following building was left to ruin due to lack of funds but with £2k The Butterfly Tree ensured that this teacher’s house could be completed. Now two teachers and their respective families are happily housed there.

Jane dedicates all of her time to helping the wonderful people of Mukuni Village. Like so many other African communities there is so much more to be done. These people are ready to move forward – they have some dedicated staff who are prepared to work hard to improve their situation. Visit her website www.TheButterFlyTree.org.uk to find out more and help the people of Mukuni Village.

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