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Food intolerance testing

Ok here goes, after two years of living on a very strict sugar free, wheat free, dairy free, carb reduced eating regime, I am finally looking into some proper food intolerance testing after being intrigued by this for a long time and also having a friend of mine take the plunge recently and invest in some tests for food intolerances and candida levels.

NB Click for more advice on allergy or intolerance.

So first step I have ordered the initial test which tells you if you have a food intolerance but not the details of it (yes I was pulled in by the marketing ploy). So I ordered two tests – one for me and also one for my partner Phil, as I think its good to get someone to compare against with these food intolerance testing kits.  Also over the years I have known him he has had various bloating issues that I have always thought may be related to a food intolerence.

I have ordered the food intolerance testing kits on York Test as these seem to be the ones testing for the most foods so potentially might get some more accurate results.  They also use blood so in my book this has to be more accurate rather than stool or hair tests. I will write an update once the intolerance test kit arrives.

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    February 2, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    Mine is on order too – v intrigued to see the outcome!

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