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Gluten and Wheat Free Falafel

When living in London I loved visiting Whitecross Street Market and getting my falafel fix. Since moving away, I have been trying to find an alternative that is just as delicious and last night I found it – Hale & Hearty Quick & Easy Gluten & Wheat Free Falafel Mix – its a winner!

This packet mix is so simple to make, within 25 minutes I had eight hot, delicious falafel ready to go. Made simply from…

Ground whole chickpeas, sea salt, cumin,  parsley, garlic powder, coriander, white pepper

..the mixture is great for those following a gluten and / or wheat free diet.

I served my falafel drizzled in lemon juice and stacked on a quinoa cake,with hummus, roast red pepper, wilted spinach and a runny poached egg. AMAZING!

If you’re a fan of eastern Mediterranean food, having a box of this mixture in your cupboard is a must. I will definitely be replacing my box of Gluten and Wheat Free Falafel when I next go shopping.

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