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Mince Pies – FREE from style

For my first blog of the year I actually want to re-cap slightly on a post Miranda & I did about Mincement – sugar and meat FREE just before christmas .  It was an absolute winner.  At the time we  also tried to make pastry and although it was edible and did the job, it still needed some perfecting. So during my time off over christmas, I was extremley pleased that I mastered it and can show you all the results with my FREE From mincepies.

FREE From mincepies

FREE From mincepies

FREE From mincepies ingredients:

  • Sugar & meat FREE Mincemeat
  • 8oz rice flour
  • 4 oz goats butter
  • 1 dessert spoon olive oil
  • Cup of cold water
  • Pinch of salt
  • Egg yolk for glaze
  • Soya spread to grease cake / muffin tin
  • Pastry cutters
  • Extra flour for board, rolling pin and cutters


(makes approx. 20 mince pies depending on the size of your cake / muffin tin)

Measure out the flour and sieve into a large bowl. Weigh the goats butter, cut into small chunks and rub into the flour using your hands.

Add the salt and oil, then using a round ended knife, gradually stir in the water. Mix in enough water to bring the mixture together into a bowl, leaving the sides of the bowl clean. If the mixture becomes too sticky, add in a sprinkle of additional flour.

Leave the pastry ball in the bowl, cover with cling film and refridgerate for at least an hour (as it is gluten free flour, the longer you leave it the better).

When you are ready to make the mince pies, ensure the oven is preheated to 180c and grease the cake / muffin tin.

Remove the pastry ball from the fridge and place on a floured board. Using a floured rolling pin, roll the pastry flat.  Ensure you roll in one direction only turning the pastry a quarter turn to ensure there is an even spread.

When the pastry is at your desired thickness, you are ready to start cutting. Ensure you flour the cutter first to prevent it from sticking.

Cut out the individual bases and gently press into the greased cake / muffin tin. Add a spoonful of mincemeat into each base, then cover with a pastry top.  For my mince pies, I used shaped cutters (star and heart) as well as cutting small sausage shaped lengths of pastry and arranging on the top of the mince pie to form a lattice effect.

When you have finished, glaze the mince pies with egg yolk and place in the oven for approximately 20 minutes. You may need to use one mince pie out of the batch as a test, just to make sure the base of the pastry is completely cooked.

Remove from the oven, place on a wire rack and leave to cool.


  • If your pastry is too sticky during rolling, sprinkle flour on the rolling pin, pastry and the board to prevent it from sticking.
  • If your pastry is too dry and cracks during rolling, dip your fingers in water and rub over the pastry to add some moisture to the mixture.

Now that we have worked out how to make fussy foodie friendly mincepies and pastry, we can look at branching out into all sorts of new ideas!

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