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Cafe Nero Chai Soy Latte (Not Dairy Free)

As a real  treat  (as it contains sugar and tea) I occasionally have a Soy Chai Latte in one of the various coffee shops at my disposal. However on visiting the local Cafe Nero I was advised that the Chai latte is a) made with powder and b) contains milk. I was really glad they advised me as in other branches I have asked for soy and been give a drink with cream on top – so it’s not exactly dairy free. So although I was sad that my treat was now off the menu I was impressed that the lady knew what she was talking about.

A bit of digging on Cafe Nero website and I found this:

“The chai latte blend contains milk powder, so even if this drink is made with soya milk it would not be suitable for a dairy free diet.” Cafe Nero

Some research and I think that Starbucks Chai Soy is dairy free but I am just waiting for some confirmation on this.

So the next time you fancy a chai soy latte – pop to the shops and pick up some proper chai tea bags, come home heat some dairy free milk (soy, Oatly or rice), add the chai tea, brew to your liking and serve. For a treat add a spoon of honey or Agave Necta – Enjoy!

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