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Cornish Sardines from Sainsburys

It’s not often I talk about ready meals (well this is almost ready) on Fussy Foodie – however I thought these Cornish Sardines from Sainsbury’s deserved a mention. As other people with multiple food intolerance’s will know most meals you need to cook from scratch, luckily I LOVE cooking, however once in a while a product like this can help to make my cooking extra speedy.

Cornish Sardines Ingredients – Sardines, Lemon, Chilli Oil (Rapeseed oil, Chilli flavouring), Red Chilli, Garlic, Flat Leaf Parsley, Sea Salt, Black Pepper.

If you are a Sardine fan and can deal with the teeny tiny bones – check out this new product in the Sainsburys fish counter priced –  £2.99.

I served my sardines with roasted vine tomatoes, some asparagus and a few Jersey royal potato’s – top tip use a little bit of dairy free spread and salt and pepper to make the asparagus extra tasty.

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