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Since having my York food Intolerance test and being diagnosed with lactose intolerance back in Feb 2009, I have been living dairy free, along with other food intolerances and have collected many dairy free recipes. Living dairy free I find is easier than other food intolerances I have e.g yeast, as there are fantastic tasty replacements that are readily available, to the extent that now I can’t imagine going back to a lifestyle that includes drinking milk.

The extent of peoples dairy intolerances can vary so its worth doing some testing to ensure that you only have to be as strict as you need to, for example I have recently been trying to introduce goats cheese (hard) to my diet with some success I am excited to say.

In case you haven’t tried them Oatly Cream and Oatly, are a fantastic (calcium enriched) alternative to milk and soy products. I have my cereal topped with oatly and a splash of vanilla rice milk for extra flavour.

Favourite dairy free dessert treats (to buy):

Raw Banoffee Pie | Vanilla Booja Booja

Couple of my favourite dairy free recipes (desserts) to make:

For more dairy free recipes and advice visit our dairy free pages.

Even baking without dairy is possible as there are some great butter replacements and many cake recipes (depending on other intolerances) can be adapted to be dairy free recipes– if you need some help adapting a recipe to be dairy free just send in the recipe to miranda@fussyfoodie.co.ukand I will see what replacement I can work out, I am always up for a recipe challenge. To share your tried and tested dairy recipes get in touch to the same address.

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