Being a Fussy Foodie/ Product review

The Co-Operative Food Stores

Whilst on my lunch break today it dawned on me that The Co-opeative Food Stores have been subtly serving my fussy foodie needs for a while now and I feel I should give them the acknowledgement they deserve by sharing my find with you all.

The Co-operative Food Stores have a great approach to food retail. They have strong ethics around food sourcing, the environment and supporting British farmers, as well as having a great understanding of health and the importance of a balanced diet which they promote through their green dot scheme, making their customers aware of the nutritional value of the food they are buying.

The great news about their approach to food is that a high proportion of their own brand range are fussy foodie friendly – no added sugars or salt, limited use of additives and preservatives. They also stock a good size range of products you would normally expect to find in a health food shop including Suma products and product ranges catering for free from diets.

My particular favourite is The Co-operative Truly Irresistable Apple Crush, a delicious and refreshing cloudy sparkling apple drink with no added sugar made from apples grown at Tillington Farm, Hereford – perfect to cool off on a summers day whilst basking in the park!

I have also found pasta sauces, pesto, dairy free chocolate and even ready meals that would suit a range of fussy foodie requirements.

As you can tell I am a massive fan of The Co-operative Food Stores. They are a bit of a hidden gem which I am determined to unveil as they deserve to be up there on everyones list of places to shop. Get down to your nearest store and check out The Co-operative Food Stores for yourself.

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    Michelle Oxley
    May 13, 2011 at 10:14 am

    I LOVE our local Coop! AND if I buy anything electrical I use the coop online, and you can use your coop points card on there too!! You get dividends every 6 months – my last one was £32!!!! to either spend instore or even cash!!! Shopping how it used to be!

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