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Kohl rabi

I used to get an organic veg box which occasionally had a Kohl Rabi in, I first wondered what this strange alien like food was, but soon discovered what a great mashed potato alternative Kohl Rabi is. So here’s my extra simple and tasty Kohl Rabi recipe.

Kohl rabi photo: www.jungleseeds.com

Kohl rabi photo: www.jungleseeds.com

All you need is a Kohl Rabi, some olive oil or even a non dairy spread.

First step is to cut off all the stems and leaves from the Kohl Rabi, so you are almost left with a squashed apple shaped vegetable. You need to peel off the outer skin and then dice into chunks.

Boil or steam Kohl Rabi (I find boiling works better with Kohl Rabi) until soft, mash, season and add a small amount of olive oil – as Gordon Ramsey would say “Done”.

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