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Food intolerance new years resolution

A friend contacted me today, via the wonders of Facebook looking for some help with sticking to her New Years resolution to stick to her food intolerances. Suffering from constant stomach ache when eating foods not recommended to her she is struggling, as cooking for small children and a partner means there is not always time to look after her. So she was in need of some inspiration – never fear Fussy Foodie is here…

“Just been having a lookie at your website – you’ve done really well with it. Wish I could be strict, I’m hopeless and constantly end up with a stomach ache! I need some onion, garlic, peppers, celery free diets too and to keep off wheat, yeast and dairy please.”

Do you have cravings for other stuff or is it the practicality of making things?

“Bread is just so EASY. AND, I can’t be bothered to cook a meal for the girls,something else for my partner and something wheat free for me. Im lazy!”

OK well these gluten free flat breads are the latest Fussy Foodie creation – which could help you out.

Gluten Free Flat Bread

With a few possibly new ingredients, they are reallyare easy to make (if your kids like cooking you could get them to help too), taste great and if you make a load you can freeze them.

They are fantastic to pop in the toaster for lunch as a bread alternative. It  takes a bit of technique to get the thickness, size and shape right shape but if bread is a weakness they could be great.

I know it must be really hard cooking for the family and I only have two of us to worry about. Where possible I would try to cook the base of the meal the same and then add the extras for others that you don’t want to have.

  • I would think meals with rice are great as all the family can have them also if you eat at different times to the children you can cook a batch and reheat when needed (much better than with potato or pasta).
  • With pasta I would make the rest of the family have the same pasta as you (wheat free), I actually prefer it as think its much easier to digest and lighter – then you can add extra topping e.g cheese just to the rest of the family – might sound made but if I make spaghetti bolognese I add cheese to Phils and grated carrot to mine, just gives it another dimension and combining raw and cooked food is meant to help digestion.
  • I somtimes make sausage casserole and would normally cook the sausages in the sauce, but to save making two dishes I make the sauce and then just add the sausage at the end – Phils are normal and mine are gluten free sausages. I only do these differently as the price difference is noticeable and Phil also much prefers his fully loaded sausages (who can blame him).
  • I rarely use butter in my cooking but when I do I use Soya Pure: Dairy free spread, no one notices any difference (well that’s what they tell me anyway).

If you let me know some typical meals that you cook I will see how else I can help.

“I must try and be strict, it was my New Years resolution – but its gone out the window and it’s only the 7th! I struggle with Breakfast and Lunch. I’ll have  soya sometimes on cereal but I’m not that keen on the taste. I was having eggs, bacon etc.. for break but it’s such a rush before taking girls to school etc.. i skip breakfast – ummm!”


If you don’t like soya milk try oatly milk or rice milk as they have different taste and texture too.

I try to vary what milk I have to make breakfast more interesting. Also in my opinion Alpro Light is the best soya milk by a mile and it’s fortified which you need when not having dairy.

For breakfast I normal have a mixture – seeds, oats and either rice puffed rice cereal or gluten free cornflakes– I don’t get full with rice puffs on there own. A bowl of gluten free cornflakes with a tbsp of oats and a sprinkle of seeds topped with milk of your choice is a good place to start – Jordans Porridge Oats are my favourite – hot or cold.

Gluten Free Cornflakes Puffed Rice Cereal

Nb. You can buy the cearls cereals in most supermarkets.

Good luck to everyone who is coping with Food Intolerances and if you need some inspiration get in touch!

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