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McCain Rustic Oven Chips

I am a bit of  a frozen food snob with the extent of my frozen food purchases being peas and prawns. I love cooking and my food intolerance’s ensure that I cook from scratch pretty much on a daily basis, therefore any healthier short cuts are welcome if they fit with my multiple food intolerance’s.

One of the new joys since discovering my food intolerances is a new found love of potatos (one of the foods on my to eat list). Now I dont have them often but I have developed a taste for chips and now again treat myself to a bowl normally either from a restaurant, chip shop or home made, but never have I made them from frozen, until now that is.


Whilst browsing the food aisle on in my supermarket I thought I would check out the frozen chip section and I was shocked to find out the ingredients that most frozen chips contained – milk, wheat , loads of chemically sounding things – yuck. Then I spotted McCain Rustic Oven Chips – made from just two natural ingredients – potatoes and sunflower oil – and with the skin left on, I was sold.

McCain Rustic Oven Chips happen to be the first chip to score ‘green’ on all four counts of the new Food Standards Agency traffic light scoring system.

McCain say “They are just 3% fat – made from just two natural ingredients – potatoes and sunflower oil – and with the skin left on, McCain Rustic Oven Chips have a fuller flavour with the natural goodness of the potato maintained. Straight from the field, the potatoes are prepared simply – washed and chopped – just as you would in your kitchen at home.”

McCain Rustic Oven Chips are available in leading supermarkets now, RRP £1.69.

Now these are still chips  but healthier ones – so if you are need of a treat and want to grab something from the freezer, a plate of steamed veggies, piece of grilled  fish and McCain Rustic Oven Chipsare great – just pop in the oven for 20 mins with a sprinkle of herbs and you are done.

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