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Saf Restaurant

Visiting Saf Restaurant in London this weekend satisfied many firsts for us. It was the first time we had all been to a restaurant where the dishes are vegan and predominantely raw with dishes cooked below 48 degrees to maintain optimum nutritional value.  It was the first time we had all tried cheese made with nuts; the first time the boys (reluctantly at first, and bribed by the promise of steak cooked on the outdoor grill the next day) went to a restaurant knowing they would not be served meat, and it was the first time we were proud to order a second round of dessert!

Saf Restaurant is a delight in many ways and here are a few highlights to tempt your tastebuds.


For our starter, we went for the tasting platter which enabled us to try a sample of a range of dishes on the menu. The highlights for me were the olive cashew cheese with flaxseed cracker and surprisingly, the raw cauliflower rice wrapped in vine leaves – both were delicious.

Saf Tasting Platter

For main course, between us we chose the lasagna, raw mexican tacos, pad thai and the thai green curry.

Saf Lasagna    Saf Tacos  Saf Pad Thai and Thai Green Curry

The lasagna was tasty, though slightly one dimensional, with the flavour being very samey throughout the whole dish which was a shame as the dish was presented beautifully. The tacos were very clean and with the taco shell being made from celeriac were very interesting to try, but again they unfortunately were slightly one dimensional. The pad thai and the thai green curry however, were packed full of incredible flavours. The pad thai was made with courgette and carrot noodles, topped with sprouted lentils, enoki mushrooms and mixed with a chipotle almond sauce bringing the whole dish together. The thai green curry, one of few hot dishes on the menu, had a real depth of flavour with the coconut, coriander, chilli and sweet basil combination. 

We ended the evening with desserts.  We ordered a papaya sorbet, an apple cake and a coconut cheesecake served with apple sorbet – yum, were they good. The papaya sorbet was very smooth and cleansing, a great dessert if you’re feeling full but fancy something cool to finish.  The apple cake was moist and flavoured with cinnamon which is always a great combination.  The winner by far was the coconut cheesecake with apple sorbet – wow, wow, wow! I was grinning from ear to ear and when Miranda tentatively suggested we order a second, I jumped at the chance. A great excuse for a pre-birthday celebratory pudding!

Saf Desserts

Saf Restaurant prides itself on offering nutritious and flavoursome raw vegan dishes. The menu changes daily to take advantage of seasonal produce and the dishes are complimented by an extensive range of organic and biodynamic wines. They also have a great Mixologist who will be happily whip you up a Horse’s Neck, a Kiss Me Kate, or whatever takes your fancy from their inventive cocktail list, both alcoholic and non alcoholic.

Saf Restaurant offers incredible food and drinks and the staff make the whole experience an absolute pleasure. Saf Restaurant comes highly recommended by us at Fussy Foodie and if you pay them a visit, we are sure you will agree.

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