Being a Fussy Foodie

Food Diary Week 10

Here is the latest update from my food diary, got lots of recipes I will be adding over the next few weeks so watch this space for some tasty and Fussy Foodie friendly feasts…

My food restrictions are:
Sugar Free & Yeast Free (due to candida diet), intolerant to: gluten, dairy, eggs, some oily fish and cashew nuts.

NB. Also as part of a healthy balanced diet and to avoid energy low’s I am aiming to eat 5 times a day; three main meals and two proper snacks (all of which must contain some protein). Each main meal needs to be eaten slowly with a balance of 1/4 carbs, 1/4 protein and 1/2 vegetables.

So here goes the latest on my food diary:

Food diary day 1 – Wednesday, 19 August
Breakfast Porridge with oatlyand linwood seeds.
Snack Chocolate egg free muffins and half an apple.
Lunch Cafe: Cajun chicken salad (no dressing). Then a banana.
Snack 1/2 apple and 2 x corn thins.
Dinner Chip shop: Fish (no batter) with chips.
Other Pint of pomegranate juice with sparkling water (60%) and a glass of apple juice.


Food diary day 2 – Thursday, 20 August
Breakfast Puffed rice cereal, a few oats, some linwood seeds with oatly milk.
Snack Agave nectar chewy oat bar: made with sugar free peanut butter, mixed seeds, dessicated coconut and oats then 1/2 banana.
Lunch 1/2 a tin of Sugar Free Baked Beans and 2 x corn thins.
Snack 1/2 an apple and agave nectar chewy oat bar.
Dinner Gluten Free Pasta with beetroot, tomato, onion and green beans.


Food diary day 3 – Friday, 21 August
Breakfast Puffed rice cereal, a few oats, some linwood seeds, dessicated coconut with oatly milk.
Lunch Some prawns, 2 oat cakes, lemon and coriander houmous, a tomato and a few carrot, pepper and cucumber sticks. Then 1/2 a nectarine.
Dinner Restaurant: Steak, chips and lots of veggies. Then one of my Sugar Free Ice Lollies (apple & mango).
Other A gin with sparkling water and Appletiser.


Food diary day 4 – Saturday, 22 August
Breakfast Millet Rice Cereal with linwood seeds, almond flakes and soya milk. With a Green Veggie Juice: barley grass, apple, carrot and ginger.
Snack Soya Yoghurt with 1/2 a nectarine, flaked almonds and cacao nibs.
Lunch Few prawns, some houmous, a few plain kettle chips, 2 oat cakes, some pepper, cucumber, tomato and a few olives.
Snack 3 oat cakes with Sugar Free Fruit Spread and 1/2 a nectarine. Glass of soya milk with apple & mango juice.
Dinner Thick Rice Noodles with special Thai broth (Spices: star anise, cinnamon etc) and some prawns, sliced pepper and courgette. Then a mini trail mix of cacao nibs, few brazil nuts, some Millet Rice Cereal with spoon of soya yoghurt and some manuka honey.


Food diary day 5 – Sunday, 23 August
Breakfast Millet Rice Cereal with soya milk.
Snack Glass of soya milk with apple & mango juice.
Snack A nectarine and an oat cake.
Dinner Steamed salmon with a few new potato’s and steamed courgette. Then 2 corn thins.
Other A glass of  pineapple juice (30%) with water


Food diary day 6 – Monday, 24 August
Breakfast Millet Rice Cereal with dessicated coconut and soya milk.
Lunch Carrot & Coriander soup with 2 oatcakes
Snack corn thins with dairy free spread.
Dinner Roast chicken with apple & onion sauce, roast new potato’s, some gravy and runner beans.  Then a few choccy hazelnuts and a nectarine.


Food diary day 7 – Tuesday, 25 August
Breakfast Millet Rice Cereal with soya milk.
Snack Millet Rice Cereal with soya milk…again.
Lunch 2 corn thins with dairy free spread topped with some roast chicken and small bowl of carrot soup.
Snack Soya milk and mango juice.
Dinner Roast chicken with steamed corn on the cob, some cucumber and tomato and 1 x corn thins.
Other 2 x pint of apple juice (30%) with water.

NB. In my food diary I have not included all the water, mugs of Ginger tea and Licorice Tea I drink.

More updates on my food diary coming soon so watch this space.

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