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Dairy Free Banana Yoghurt

Soya yoghurt is a fantastic alternative to dairy yoghurts, however the same taste day in day out can get a little dull. So here’s a way to liven up soya yoghurt, which is so simple but really tasty; check out my dairy free banana yoghurt, with a cacao nibs twist.

Flavouring soya yoghurt is a fantastic way to liven up soya yoghurt which could be used with many other fruits / nut combinations for some fantastic flavour alternatives.

Dairy free banana yoghurt

For my dairy free banana yoghurt simply add a few spoons of soya yoghurt, 1/2 a banana, tsp agave nectar (optional) and a few cacao nibs (optional) to a food processer and blend. Voila Dairy Free Banana Yoghurt done – love it!

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