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Gluten Free Chorizo Sausage

It’s been a while since my last post but don’t worry I have lots of recipes, food diaries and products I will be updating you all on. One of which is an amazing gluten free chorizo sausage I picked up at a local Farmers Market this weekend.

I have always loved farmers markets as you never know what tasty local foods you might find. There are lots of tempting bread and cheese stalls that are pretty much off limits so I do tend to find myself gravitating towards the meat sections, hoping for a tasty treat I can enjoy.

Whilst everyone I was with tucked into breads, cheese and hog roast rolls, I found myself wandering round for something I could enjoy. I stumbled across a farmer cooking up some gluten free sausages so procured a pure meat festival for my lunch – a bit heavy on the protein but I did have some fried onions to balance things out!

Whilst looking for some gluten free products a lovely man from Woodhouse Farm heard my plight and suggested I try his Gluten Free Chorizo Sausage – I was sold immediatly and bagged a packed of 6 sausages for £3.05.

Well all I can say is they are delicious – a fantastic kick of spice that gives an extra depth of flavour to any dish. Woodhouse Farm is based in Leicester, you can order online or visit one of the many farmers markets they attend (details on their website).

Gluten free chorizo

After grilling my gluten free chorizo sausage I served them rice and veggies paella style.

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