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Licorice Tea

Mmmm just relaxing from my latest mug of licorice tea, so warming. My nutritionist advised me that I should have one licorice tea a day to help with some of my tummy issues and I have to say they are tastetastic, and if like me you don’t have any sugar (except fruits) in your diet you will be pleased to know that licorice tea has a really pleasing sweet but not sugary taste – I love it!

Licorice tea

My favorite variety so far has to be Yogi Tea Licorice – an extraordinary blend of sweet licorice, cinnamon, ginger, orange peel, cardamom, black pepper, chicory root, barley malt, cloves and natural flavours. The extra spice gives the tea a really deep flavour and with each tea bag comes a special message all part of the Yogi tea brand to make you feel good inside and out.

Licorice tea has been valued for centuries as a gentle remedy for stomach discomfort and throat irritation – and get this licorice was so revered by the Egyptians that small bundles of it were found in King Tutankhamon’s tomb for his enjoyment in the afterlife.

Benefits of licorice tea are said to be:

  • Speeds healing of stomach ulcers;
  • Aids in soothing viral liver inflammations;
  • Helps combat headaches;
  • Combats diarrhoea;
  • Helps overcome excessive thirst;
  • Treats sore throat.

So far so good, since having the licorice tea my tummy has been much more settled. However even if its not doing anything it sure does taste great, so next time you see some give licorice tea a try.

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