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Wheat Free Bar

Waltzing down the supermarket aisle with the huge selection of cereal bars on offer, I always have a root around to see what options are avaliable to me. No surprises to find that pretty much most of the time this is ZERO, as most cereals bars are ladened with dairy, sugar and gluten.

This can be a little disheartnening however alongside the tasty Fruitus bar this wheat free bar from Village Bakery is tasty tasty.

Wheat free-bar

Wheat free bar ingredients:

Rice malt syrup, oats, puffed rice, coconut, apple juice, cashew nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, low sodium sea salt.

Pack of 4 bars – £2.25

These wheat free bars available from the Village Bakery website and also Sainsbury’s (Free From Aisle), Waitrose, Fresh and Wild, Planet Organic and health food stores across the UK.

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