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Ultimate House Book

Terence Conran is a legend and I purchased the Ultimate House Book when I needed something that was both practical and also creative to give me more ideas for our property renovation.

Ultimate House Book

Ultimate House Book by Terence Conran

Terence Conran
Ultimate house book Techy bits:

  • by Terence Conran
  • published 2006
  • ISBN:1 84091 468 8
  • price £15 est
  • 272 pages

“The ultimate home reference book for the 21st century, providing all you need to know about building, decorating and furnishing your home, as well as offering an inspirational blueprint for planning a home to suit your lifestyle. Terence Conran’s book is designed specifically to adhere to the demands of a modern lifestyle and as such the versatility and flexibility of space are central to its philosophy. The Ultimate House Book is a comprehensive compendium providing everything you need to know from buying to building, improving to decorating, furnishing to fitting out. Terence Conran combines inspiration with practical advice and in-depth case studies with hundreds of illustrated examples.”
The Ultimate House Book by Terence Conran delivers both practical advice and decorating ideas (there is a blue and a yellow book, the later is the updated version) – check it out for loads of great property photos to inspire and design ideas for modern living.

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