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Bensons Chilly Billy Lolly

I was very excited to come across a tasty ice treat at the weekend, made purely from fruit juice with no added extras (and a really great name) Bensons Chilly Billy Lolly is definitely a Fussy Foodie friendly treat I will be keeping an eye out for.

The Chilly Billy Lolly, is made by Bensons who specialise in producing pressed apple juice (www.bensonsapplejuice.co.uk), which they now use as the base for the Chilly Billy treat. The apple juice is combined with 4 different flavours to make – apple & mango, apple & strawberry, apple & blackcurrant and apple & raspberry. I tried the apple & mango flavour and it was delicious, very refreshing and full of flavour.

Chilly Billy

Check out the Chilly Billy website for stockists near you – www.bensonschillybilly.co.uk.

If you were a fan of calippo style ice lollies when you were little, you’ll know the best bit is as the ice starts to melt and a thick smoothie like section collects at the bottom of the cone – yum, yum, yum – such great fruity flavour and knowing that its packed full of pure goodness. Bensons Chilly Billy Lolly is definitely a treat to feel good about enjoying.

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    Bibi Langston
    August 11, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    Hello Claire,
    I am delighted to have read your article on our Bensons Chilly Billy Lolly. As a thank you for your article, we would like to send you some on our products. Can you please let me know where we could send these to.
    Kind regards
    Bibi Langston

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