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Egg Free Pancakes

I am so excited I have just eaten my first egg free pancake way to fast, got a bit over excited at the tastiness of it all. Seriously tasty, great texture (like a pancake) and so easy.  I served mine with some fresh strawberries (first from my veggie patch), sprinkle of coconut and some linseed. I then tried a cheeky second one, as they were only small (that’s what I am telling myself), which I served with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of Agave Nectar mmmm I was in heaven. So so good you just have to give these a try, I might have a savoury version later for my dinner as I have loads of batter left – cant wait.

Egg free pancake ingredients:

600-700mls (1-11⁄4pts) sparkling water / appletiser
300g (11oz) gluten free flour

NB I used combo of buckwheat flour and gram flour


Egg Free Pancakes recipe:

Sift the flour into a bowl, then whisk in the sparkling water. I used appletiser for my recipe as I didn’t have any sparkling water in, a bit naughty when avoiding sugar as its high grape juice, but it worked a treat. If required add more liquid to thin down the batter ready for cooking. I used a few spoons of soya milk here rather than more appletiser.

In a non stick pan heat a small amount of oil, when hot add a few spoons of the batter and gently move the pan to spread the mixture evenly and thinly over the pan. Cook the pancake until brown , then toss the pancake to cook on the other side.

That’s it gluten and egg free pancakes done.

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    Claire McAuley
    June 30, 2009 at 11:33 am

    I can feel the excitement oozing out of you from here, hehe! I’m definitely going to give these a go – sounds so simple and they look really good. I actually can’t believe it hadn’t dawned on us to use sparkling water before. Fussy Foodie high 5 to you :o)

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      July 13, 2009 at 8:14 am

      I tried another batch of these gram and buckwheat gluten free pancakes, at the weekend for Sunday breakfast treat. So easy I even made them by eye. My favourite topping so far: few slices of banana, spoon of soya yoghurt and a sprinkle of cocoa.

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    Claire McAuley
    July 13, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    Miranda whipped up a batch of these for us on Sunday morning and they were very good. It amazes me that they work so well with just flour and sparkling water.

    We tried a variety of different toppings with the overall winner being the twist on a classic lemon and agave nectar.

    So simple and easy to make, versatile too adapting to suit both savoury and sweet toppings.

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    January 11, 2010 at 11:37 am

    I was so excited how easy this recipe is i went and made some without checking that we had lemon so had them with a variety of different toppings instead, my fave was definately chopped apple&cinnamon with a little sugar and all-spice-yummy! Thank you very much even my Dad who has no intolerances loved these

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    January 11, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Hello Lisa really glad you liked them they are a favourite recipe of mine that came from an experiment. Thanks for the feedback good to know people are enjoying them!

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    February 5, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    I had a bit of a play and have found I like the mixture made as follows:-
    600-700 mls sparkling water
    300g self raising flour
    a knob of stork butter (dairy free pastry butter)

    and add the following to taste, sugar, I think I probably used about 1/4 cup of granulated and about 1tsp of vanilla essence.

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