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Brown Rice Noodles

I tried these King Soba brown rice noodles for the first time last night. They are made from 100% brown rice so are wheat and gluten free. They are quick and easy to cook and taste great too. 

King Soba brown rice noodles
King Soba brown rice noodles

The brown rice noodles take 3-4 minutes to cook and with a little stirring the ribbons keep separated when cooking which was great  as some noodles can end up in a gloppy mess. My top tip for cooking, is once the noodles are tender, drain into a colander and run under gentle cold running water to chill. Keep the cooked and chilled brown rice noodle to one side until ready to add to the pan. This techniques ensure the noodles don’t end up in a stick mess and the ribbons remain separate. 

I served my brown rice noodles with a prawn stir fry and my sugar free sweet chili sauce, tasted fantastic and really filing too.

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