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Nutri Centre

As part of my food intolerance test results recommendations I take some special probiotics, to help introduce more friendly bacteria into my gut. I have to get these probiotics on a monthly basis and order them from the online retailer that YORKTEST recommends, The Nutri Centre.

Both myself and fellow Fussy Foodie Claire have both commented on how friendly and efficient the Nurti Centre is. There customer service is so professional and more often than not I get my order next day. So if I forget that I am about to run out of my tablets then I don’t have to worry. They also have an amazing selection of remedies and tablets for all sorts of ailments and all at great prices.

Not just an online retailer, The Nutri Centre was opened by Prince Charles in 1988 and is situated in the heart of London. It houses not only some of the UK’s most eminent practitioners, but also Europe’s leading natural medicines dispensary and an extensive library and bookshop on complementary medicine, thus integrating all the services under one roof. If you fancy paying it a visit The Nutri Centre is located on the lower ground floor of the world renowned Hale Clinic in London or visit it online at

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