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Gluten Free Burger

With barbie season well and truly on the way I thought it was time to share my gluten free burger recipe. They are so easy to make, taste great and really flexible. Burgers really dont need alot of the traditional added ingredients to taste great!

Gluten free burger ingredients:

  • Pack of quality mincemeat: pork , lamb, beef (500g)
  • One red onion finely chopped
  • Extras: With the lamb some freshly chopped mint, with the pork some fresh time thyme and 1/2 finely chopped apple or classic beef with finely chopped fresh rosemary.

Phil my partner makes a mean burger and its all in the preperation. The secret is that everything needs to be really finely chopped, especailly the extras, then shaped to perfection.

To make the gluten free burgers, combine the chosen mincemeat, onion, and extras, then season. With clean hands combine the ingredients until everything is evenly mixed.

Then to shape the burgers use a lightly oiled ramikin, push a small handful of the mixture into the ramkin and flatten to make a burger (1 inch high), then knock out the formed burger.

That’s it your gluten free burgers are ready to rock and roll, either cooked under the grill, on the barbie or on a griddle pan. I love mine cooked on the barbie, served with some naked salad (No Salad Dressing) and some Lime Pickle.

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