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Barbecuing with Food Intolerances

With the amazing sunshine weather we are having at the moment, there is no excuse not to spark up the BBQ and with BBQs being a fantastic flexible cooking option for people with food intolerance’s, you have every excuse to dust down the BBQ and heat up some coals.


Living with multiple food intolerance’s can sometimes be a drag, with people asking questions about why you cant eat what they do, trying to not inconvenience others and if throwing a party ensuring everyone enjoys foods on offer (including you). Well great news is that BBQs are a fantastic way to keep everyone happy as they are so flexible.

Here are my top tips for barbecuing with food intolerance’s:

  • Gluten Free Sausages – you don’t need a bun, tastes great with salads
  • Chicken Satay – made with fantastic Satay Sauce Recipe
  • Gluten Free Burger – home made and value for money, tasty and healthy too
  • Lime Pickle
  • Salads, salads and more salads….
  • Need something crispy try some plain nachos or lightly salted kettle chips
  • Home made guacamole and houmous are great for dipping.

Also if its a hot day try some Sugar Free Ice Lollies, they will go down a treat or a scoop of Booja Booja Ice Cream.

I love having a house full of my friends, sharing food and fun times. Summer time BBqs make it really easy to entertain lots of your friends.

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