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Agar Mousse

Feeling inspired today I really wanted to try a new recipe using Agar Flakes, so in need of tasty treat I created a Agar Mousse. After looking into various chocolate mousse recipes I came up with my own version and I am delighted to say the Agar Mousse tastes great and the recipe is flexible for lots of food intolerance’s.

Chocolate Agar Mousse Ingredients – serves 2

In a cast iron or non stick pan add the soya milk and cocoa. Gently heat the milk, stirring occasionally to incorporate and melt the 100% cacao. During this process in a small bowl mix the cocoa powder with a small amount of water to make a paste, once the paste is ready add to the milk mixture and combine. Whilst stirring bring to a gentle boil, once combined add the Agar Flakes and Agave Nectar and stir for a minute or so to dissolve the Agar Flakes.

Pour the chocolate mixture into a food processor and blitz to ensure that all ingredients are well combined. At this stage add the optional oatly cream (you could also use goats cream if tolerated), this gives a lighter agar mousse.

Pour the chocolate agar mousse mixture into small ramkins and put in the fridge to set for a couple of hours.

My tasty chocolate agar mousse

My tasty chocolate agar mousse

Once set simply grab a spoon and enjoy the Agar Mousse – my partner Phil and I really enjoyed both the taste and the texture, so it will be on the menu again very soon.

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