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Sugar Free Ice Lollies

Well here in the UK the sun has really been shinning and desperate for something to cool us down fellow Fussy Foodie Claire and I made some sugar free ice lollies – and boy did they do the trick. I brought some lolly moulds from Ikea for a few pounds and have waiting for an extra sunny day to try the lolly moulds out.

Sugar free ice lollies

Sugar Free Ice Lollies Recipe – makes 6 lollies

  • 3 apples
  • inch of fresh ginger
  • Naturally sparkling water
  • Optional extras: Shot of Gin and a squeeze of Agave Nectar.

Simply juice the apples and fresh ginger. Stir in sparkling water to taste, we used 50% sparkling water to juice. If you are feeling in need of an extra kick a shot of gin and a squeeze of agave nectar will do the trick (slightly naughty but very nice).

These sugar free ice lollies went down a treat and my partner Phil loved them to, they don’t freeze 100% evenly so be prepared for a ginger kick at the end of the lolly.

To be extra healthy I juiced my fruit but feel free to use any purchased juice combination. I like the idea of summer berry sugar free ice lollies, so might try those next time. Enjoy the sunshine and any lolly ideas let us know.

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    June 23, 2009 at 9:38 am

    sounds nice, i’ll have to try some 😛

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