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Shower Types

When it comes to fitting or replacing a shower there are three shower types, each with their own benefits plumbing requirements and installation implications.

Mixer Showers

This shower type is the most popular because they offer the greatest choice in style.
A mixer shower uses the hot and cold water from your existing supplies, mixing it together as you use the temperature control.
There are four different types of mixer showers:

  • Central Control – This mixer shower features concentric controls for flow and temperature.
  • Bar Mixer – This mixer shower features flow and temperatuve controls at opposite ends of the horizontal bar.
  • Dual Control – This shower mixer features two seperate conrols for flow and temperatire.
  • Digital – This shower mixture control features electronic push button controls, some with remote control facility.

Power Shower

A power shower is considered the most powerful shower, you can either use an all in one shower or you can add a pump.

  • All in one power shower – Features an electric pump inside the shower casing
  • Pump – If you have a gravity fed system, you can turn any mixer shower into a power shower by simply adding a pump to increase the flow.

Electric Shower

An instantaneous electric shower draws water directly from a cold water supply and heats it as it is used, so you don’t need to have a stored water. Literally just switch them on and an electric shower will heat the water instantly.
To get the most out of your shower its important you choose the best shower type for your water system.

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