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Reintroducing Food

Having food intolerance’s and living on strict anti candida diet means that my diet can be pretty limited so every now and then I try Reintroducing Food. Reintroducing food I find a little daunting as I naturally worry that it might make me ill again. Its important tho to ensure that I don’t have a negative view of food so every now and then I try to reintroduce things again, normally when I smell something that triggers a great food memory and think… mmm maybe I could try that.

However daunting I am open to reintroducing foods, especially those that make up the main food groups that if I was not intolerant too would otherwise be healthy.

So the last few weeks I have been on a mission introducing a few things to see the reaction.

  • Rye bread with yeast
  • Natural sugar squash (high concentrated fruit juice)
  • A few cheeky Gin cocktails

For more info on my food intolerance’s: Food intolerance test results

Well I have had a few mixed reactions from my reintroducing food tests. The most apparent result has been with the yeast, I have been eating ryvita (the normal ones that have yeast in). This has been good psychologically as I eat the pumpkin seed ryvita ones normally which are yeast free so I pretty much forgot I was eating yeast.

I have been eating the ryvita for about a week and ever since I have been very bloated and my tummy just feels generally sore. So YEAST is out. Not too fussed about that one but good to know that cutting out foods has been making me feel better.

I had a bit of  cold last week and was finding I was not drinking enough fluids, so I had a few glasses of Rocks Squash, which although has no additives has sugar and very high concentrate fruit sugars, so not great for my anti candida diet. However at the time tasted great – just really refreshing. The main issue from this is that as I have no sugar in my diet it really coats my teeth and I find I get a sugar rush almost immediately. Also it reacts with my tongue and causes my candida to start regrowth. Very annoying but just something I think I will need to stick to until I can really knock my candida over growth on the head.

I have also been trying some potato, not something I advocate for an anti candida diet, as potato is know to encourage candida growth. However I am currently treating another issue as a result of  my gut test and then will be back on a focused anti candida diet in 6 weeks. I have tried a few chips (boy were they tasty) and some boiled potatoes. At first these were really hard to digest but I have persisted a bit with potato and it seems to settle a lot better in my stomach now which is great.

Well now the good news, it seems a cheeky Bombay Gin goes down a treat. I have no wine or beer in my diet and haven’t for a long time, but it seems gin does officially go down very nicely including a warm after feeling. So it seems that Gin is now on my treats list – a big  plus from my reintroducing food attempts.

I would love to know about others attempts to Reintroducing Food, so get in touch.

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  • Reply
    May 10, 2009 at 8:52 am

    Good on you for the gin!! Its been very similar for me. Every time i reintroduce yeast or sugar or wheat its been a disaster! Little cheese or yogurt is fine but milk or blue cheese very bad. All alcohol i tried has made me very sick…..too bad!

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    May 17, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    I was just looking at the Ryvita website. They have a nutritional breakdown and allergy info and all of the Ryvita crispbread varieties say that they are free from yeast. Haven’t got any in to check what it says on the label – is yeast included?

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    linda mills
    October 7, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    What do you mix with you gin?
    Managing to cut out yeast ok, but struggling with the sugars – gin and bitter lemon, gin and tonic all set my sinuses off big time!
    Help . . .

  • Reply
    October 13, 2009 at 9:13 am

    Hi Linda – good to hear from you and a great question!

    For a refreshing long drink we have a shot of gin, mixed with sparkling water, ice and a slice of fresh lime. This is an easy drink to make and ideal if you’re out in a bar and unsure about what they stock.

    How are you with fruit sugars and agave nectar?

    If you’re okay with these, we also enjoy a shot of gin mixed with a third of a glass of Appletiser (or Peartiser), topped up with sparkling water, ice and fresh lime. Appletiser / peartiser is made from concentrated fruit juice and so does contain fruit sugars, if this is okay for you then this is a great drink. Along the same lines, you could also use 100% pure fruit juice and top this up with sparkling water.

    If you’re okay with agave nectar too (natural sweetner, low GI), then Whole Earth sparkling drinks are a great mixer – similar to above, mix one shot of gin with a third of a glass of Whole Earth drink (sparkling ginger is my favourite) and top up with sparkling water, ice and lime.

    I hope this helps to give you some inspiration. If you come up with anything new, we’d love to hear about it!


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