JuggleFrogs Christmas Message

As we hop on into the festive season and approach the end of our first year, it’s great to look back on the achievements so far – JuggleFrogs is making great leaps and we want to thank all of our supporters and wish them a “ribeting” Christmas and a “croaking” New Year! See what we did there?!
JuggleFrogs christmas
Here at JuggleFrogs HQ, we love Christmas… The family feeling, getting together, our favourite tipples and most of all eating some great food! We can’t wait.
As always, JuggleFrogs is staying GREEN by ditching the Christmas cards and instead continuing support for our charity The Butterfly Tree, with sponsorship of an orphan in Mukuni Village, Zambia.
The Butterfly Tree has just released this year’s charity calendar – so for just £5 inc P&P you too can support this worthy cause or simply make a donation to the Butterfly Tree charity. All the money goes directly to the charity – no admin or personal expenses are taken so EVERY PENNY YOU SPARE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

2008 The Butterfly Tree charity calendar

2008 The Butterfly Tree charity calendar

It still amazes me the difference a few £’s can make to a community – for less than £500 you can build a whole house in Mukuni Village, Zambia – Our new bath cost nearly that which puts things into a bit of perspective, especially coming into this shoptastic season!
Happy Christmas everyone from the JuggleFrogs team!

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