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Corn Vodka

On Friday night I dined at Zumas, a Japanese restaurant in Knightsbridge. It is an incredible restaurant, where both the food and service are impeccable. On being seated at our table, we were presented with a drinks menu, with me being yeast intolerant I turned straight to the vodka page. I was amazed! Not only was there a list of around 10 – 12 vodkas to choose from, the menu also stated where the vodka is distilled and what it is made from. This I had never seen before!

I could select from vodkas made from potato, wheat, rye and even corn! I felt spoilt for choice, but knew – being a big consumer of all things corn! – that I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try Rain – corn vodka, distilled in the USA. I ordered it mixed with sparkling water, ice and a wedge of fresh lime – it was so good. None of the shivery after taste you can get from cheaper, main stream vodkas and knowing it was friendly for my system made it even more enjoyable.

Rain - corn vodka

Rain - corn vodka

Corn vodka seems to come primarily from the USA where a few different brands are produced. If you’re interested in trying corn vodka it might be worth scouring round to see if you can find a brand retailed in the UK. The one I tried, Rain corn vodka can be purchased direct from their website at however it will need to be shipped over from the US which will make it a bit more pricey. If you are keen to enjoy a relaxing alcoholic drink and are intolerant to wheat / potato / rye which most mainstream vodkas are made from, then I definitely think it is worth going that extra step and extra few pounds to have some corn vodka available in your cupboard, ready for an occasional tipple. If I find any UK retailers I will let you know.

Cheers to corn vodka and all fellow fussy foodies!

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