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Bathroom Building Regulations

If you are planning a new bathroom then be aware that there are bathroom building regulations that you need to ensure you comply with when doing any works. So the first step is to check with your local authority about rules and regulations relevant to bathrooms and WCs.
For example in the UK, these are some of the bathromo building regulations:

  • External ventilation is required for a bathroom and WC, this can either be by an opening window or the use of an automatic extractor fan and duct connected to the outside, so you may be able to find room for a shower or WC on a landing or under the stairs if you can install a small ventilation duct to the outside world.
  • A bathroom containing a WC, or a WC in a room on its own, must not open directly off a kitchen, living or dining room, but it can open off a room that is used only as a bedroom or dressing room.
  • If the only bathroom in a dwelling leads off of a bedroom, it must have another access door not through the bedroom
  • Also depending on where and how many WC’s you install you many need to install a stack pipe to extract smells in the correct way

So when planning a new bathroom its important to decide what you will require in your bathroom and what function it will perform and make sure you get advice from your local authority as they can provide helpful advice in relation to bathroom building regulations.

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