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Free Phone Calls

I thought people might be interested to find out about Skype a fantastic idea, great for both tradespeople and homeowners alike where you can make free phone calls.

How do I get FREE phone calls?

Skype is a piece of software that internet users can download to get free phone calls over the internet. The download is FREE and you can make free or cheap phone calls to phones and mobiles worldwide – you can talk from computer to computer (FREE) or via a computer to a landline or mobile.
Free phone calls

Skype was founded in 2003 by Niklas Zennstr”m and Janus Friis. They created a little piece of software that truly revolutionised communication and gave telephone companies a run for their money by offering cheap or free phone calls.
It’s a great cost saving idea, you can multi task when you have a headset on and directly monitor any costs as you incur (when dialling landlines or mobiles).

The sound quality is good too, although sometimes you might sound like you are in a phone booth – it worked for Superman though so why not?!All you need is a PC, a headset and relatively good internet connections (Broadband). Then you can download the software from SKYPE and you are off – making free phone calls!
Free phone calls

The offer above is a great way to get started making Free phone call and if you get stuck or need more information about making free phone calls drop us an email!

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