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Wheat Free Soya Sauce

Fantastic store cupboard product is this Wheat Free Soya Sauce from Clearspring. This organic tamari is a fantastic wheat free find, a double-strength wheat-free and gluten-free soya sauce, natural fermented and aged in cedarwood kegs over two summers.It’s great for perking up stir fry recipes and using in lots of oriental recipes. Its award-winning flavour is rich, complex and concentrated – but never overpowering, and it is perfect for using in dip sauces and cooked dishes.


Wheat Free Soya Sauce

Wheat Free Soya Sauce


Wheat Free Soya Sauce Ingredients: Whole Soya Beans, Water, Sea salt, Mirin (rice, water, cultured rice), Roasted Barley Flour

And the great news is that Clear Spring’s Wheat Free Soya Sauce has even been included in the Coeliac Society Directory. A tiny portion of roasted barley flour is used in the process of making of the Soya Sauce. Yet, in light of gluten testing carried out, the long fermentation and ageing processes that Soya Sauce undergoes, eliminates the gluten proteins present in the barley. Fantastic news!

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